Dipping With JessiDee

Not all great gold makers are well known. JessiDee is an insane flipper with a lot of knowledge in gold making. Read the interview here, because you don't want to miss this.


JessiDee welcome and thank you for doing this interview with me.

No problem, thanks for inviting me.

I start in every interview with the name. JessiDee, is that your real name you use as a gold maker?

Basically, yes. Jess is my name, D is my last initial and the 303 is a reference to Acid House and Acid Trance music.

Ah, nice! A house music lover. Do you have a character in-game with the same name?

Yes, my main is also called JessiDee.

What’s the class and race?

Blood elf beast master hunter.

What do you do in World of Warcraft besides making gold?

Well, I’m pretty casual outside of gold making. I don’t raid or PvP, I mostly enjoy the main PvE story content and also do a little mount collecting on the side.

Sounds all good. How long have been playing World of Warcraft now?

I first started in mid-Cataclysm and played until Mist of Pandaria came out when I started to lose interest. I came back in the last year of Warlords of Draenor and have been playing almost every day since.

Are you gonna change your gameplay when Shadowlands comes?

Not really. Right now I’m mostly just maintaining my auction house posting, so I’m looking forward to actually having some content to play. Other than that I expect my play style to remain pretty much the same.

Gold Making

What have you been doing at the auction house?

Flipping mostly. I do always craft a few select old-world items and mounts but most of what I do right now is flipping.

Do you also craft current items or is it just content you prefer?

Absolutely, I love current content crafts. As much as I love and make a ton of my gold from flipping, it would get pretty boring on its own. I made an insane amount of gold from Darkmoon decks in early Battle for Azeroth and I’m really looking forward to crafting and selling some new gear in Shadowlands.

How are you gonna start in Shadowlands with gold making?

My priority in the first few days is to just enjoy playing through the leveling campaign but with gold making in mind I’ve decided to go through it first with my demon hunter with Leatherworking and Inscription, followed by my main with tailoring and enchanting. Hopefully, this will put me in a good place to get in early on the trinkets and legendary markets.

Interesting start. Ok back to flipping, when is an item interesting enough for you to flip?

So everyone knows the basic rule “buy low, sell high” but where you set your max buy and your min sell comes from experience. Using battle pets as an example I like to buy under 50% DBRegionMarketAvg and sell above 80% DBRegionMarketAvg. For other items that I like to flip like mounts, toys, quest items, and transmog I might use slightly narrower margins but generally aim for similarly “safe” margins. I do sometimes like make some riskier buys too, just to keep it interesting.

“With some of the materials I flip, I do look at the average daily sold”

Is the sell rate for you as a flipper important?

When it comes to transmog I do look at it, but as someone who doesn’t focus on having a large transmog inventory but more on flipping a small number of more popular and rare items, I don’t look at it too much. With some of the materials I flip, I do look at the average daily sold, but I try to rely more on my own experience and getting a feel for my realm’s market.

“To flip successfully you need to get a feel for the markets”

What would you recommend first if someone wants to start flipping? Any steps they need to take?

The first thing I’d say is to have a separate and consistent source of gold established before you start. Start slow and don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose – massive cliché, I know – but it’s important. To flip successfully you need to get a feel for the markets, what players want, how much of it, and what is the “true” average value. That all takes time. Also, whether you want to focus on big flips or smaller consistent ones, be diverse and be patient. I wish I could give more than that but I think it’s something you kind of has to feel out for yourself over time.

That’s some really great advice JessiDee. What’s a common mistake you see new gold makers make?

In my opinion, the most common mistake is trying to copy what everyone else is doing. It can certainly help you in getting started but once you’ve dabbled into gold making and find that you really enjoy it and want to focus on it more, you need to be more self-reliant. Build your own TSM groups and operations, find your own fav farming spots, discover your own profitable shuffles and flips. By all means, learn from others in the community but find your own niche.

Indeed. Copying is a very common thing among new gold makers. How much liquid gold do have at the moment?

Right now I have 165.6 million gold.

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So did you enjoy the interview JessiDee?

For sure, it was a lot of fun.

Good! Where can people find you?

On Twitter.

Any last thing you want to say to the readers?

Gold making, like any style of gameplay, should be fun above all else. Experiment, push yourself, and set challenging goals for yourself but always make sure you’re having fun with it.

JessiDee, I want to thank you for doing the interview and your time.

My pleasure Jack.