Dipping With Hikons

Hikons is a well know gold flipper on multiple realms. With his 400 million liquid gold, he's a monster. Check out this interview I did with him.


Dipping With Hikons

Hikons is a well know gold flipper on multiple realms. With his 400 million liquid gold, he's a monster. Check out this interview I did with him.


Hikons, welcome and thank you for joining this second ‘Dipping With…….’ interview.

Thanks for having me! I’m very excited about your new site and this interview.

So what is a Hikons?

I liked the sound of Hikons so it became the name for most of my bankers when I expanded to different realms.

How did you come in contact with World of Warcraft?

My first exposure to World of Warcraft was at a local LAN cafe during the Burning Crusade. However, I personally did not start playing World of Warcraft until about 2012 or the later part of Cataclysm.

That’s awesome! What kind of World of Warcraft things did you do when you started playing World of Warcraft?

I remember getting into a social guild at the start while leveling. I got my undead frost mage to cap and guildies helped me with dungeons and raids. It was a lot of fun. The Guild Master was never around though so a few of us left to form our own guild. Everyone else from then has stopped playing, but I’m still the GM of the guild we made.

What is the guild now used for?

Nothing really. I have a lot of my alts on that realm parked in the guild and I do light gold making there still, but I haven’t done much there since Legion.

Gold Making

How did you become a gold maker in World of Warcraft?

My initial motivation for getting into gold making arose when they added the token. I thought it would be cool to make gold and pay for my game time that way.

“they were often mispriced and I saw potential in buying them out and relisting at a higher price”

I think a lot started that way yes. You are known to be a flipper on multiple realms, is that how you started as a flipper?

No, in the beginning, before flipping. I made most of my gold from raw gold farms, daily cooldowns like the Sky Golems, and pet farms on a single realm. In the later part of Warlords of Draenor, I was running heroic and mythic raids and would regularly get Bind-on-Equip items to sell on the auction house. They were often mispriced and I saw potential in buying them out and relisting at a higher price. That got me into flipping. As far as multiple realms, I’ve raided with a few different guilds on different servers over the years so I had some infrastructure set up already. Things really picked up in Legion when we made big money flipping 101’s gear.

Yeah, a lot of gold makers that followed you were seeing huge numbers coming from you. How many realms do you flip now on NA?

Before the recent mergers, I peaked at 42 realms. After the connections today, It should roughly be 35 realms.

That would mean lesser work, but also lesser profits because of the dropping prices. How are you’re finding so far on new linked realms?

I’ve noticed that a few markets have tanked, but most of those items have been craft-able items. It hasn’t affected my flipping too much since I deal mostly in drops, pets, etc. Overall, I would say it has helped my gold making.

“utilizing websites like The Undermine Journal and addons like TradeSkillMaster”

Good to hear that and let’s hope it will stay decent. Do you have any handy tips for gold makers than want to start with flipping?

Start small. Build up capital with stuff like raw gold farms and only flip with gold you can either afford to lose or have tied up in items long-term. I’d recommend utilizing websites like The Undermine Journal and addons like TradeSkillMaster to help you evaluate flips.

Any kind of or type of item(s) you recommend to check and maybe flip?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of flipping with Island Expedition gear. If there are none up on the auction house, the suggested list price on the default auction house UI is 150% of the vendor price. A lot of people throw an item up at that price which is <100 gold in a lot of instances so you can easily flip those for thousands or tens of thousands depending on the item.

Thanks for the tips! Can you give us a rough estimate of how much liquid gold you have now?

I’m closing in on 400 million gold liquid. I have spent nearly 40 million gold on the black market auction house, 15 million gold on longbois for three of my battle.net accounts, over ten million on Shadowlands upgrades, and giveaways. I’ve lost track of the gold spent on Hearthstone packs and Overwatch crates so I might’ve even been at 500 million gold by now if I hadn’t spent so much!

Yeah, that’s just completely nuts.

3 Answers


  1. The Undermine Journal for finding the sick flips.
  2. Wowhead for looking up anything I need to know about wow.
  3. YouTube for content to watch while doing boring chores/farms.


  1. Tradeskillmaster if you want to take you gold making to the next level.
  2. Any of the fast loot add-ons to make you more efficient while crafting and farming
  3. Any of the scrapping add-ons to make getting expulsom easier.


  1. Plagued Proto-Drake
  2. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
  3. Magic Rooster

Gold Makers;

  1. Bilisonyxia
  2. Bregvids
  3. Samadanplayswow


If we want to find out what Hikons is up to? Where can go and what can we expect?

I’ve recently gotten back into streaming so I’m usually at Twitch a few days each week. If you can’t catch it live, the vods are something I copy over to my YouTube. I do plan to stream and roll out videos more consistently when shadowlands drops. Other than that, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Hikons I want to thank you for the time to take this interview with me.

Thanks again for having me! It’s been a lot of fun reminiscing and doing this interview.