Dipping With Hikons, Flipping on Multiple Realms

In this second Dipping With Hikons interview, we are gonna talk about Shadowlands and flipping on multiple realms.


Dipping With Hikons, Flipping on Multiple Realms

In this second Dipping With Hikons interview, we are gonna talk about Shadowlands and flipping on multiple realms.


Hikons, thank you for joining again

Thanks for having me back!

A lot has changed since our last interview. Did you expect anything like Shadowlands would be delayed?

Not entirely. I did find it strange that it took them so long to announce and roll-out phase one of pre-patch so it did look like a delay was inevitable.

Also, the well-known vendor shuffles we’re changed just before the pre-patch got released. Did you see that coming?

I didn’t expect that with the relics of the past, but I knew it was likely coming for the monk staff/magic essence shuffle. I got in on that while I had the chance and sold the enchanting mats at the auction house.

You are like the middle guy of the vendor shuffles?

I invested in cloth, but not too heavy. There were certainly a lot of people buying the magic essences after the information about the shuffle propagated on social media. I made millions selling essences and I imagine some people probably made tens of millions from the shuffle.

Any idea or rough estimate on how much you made from those moves?

The monk shuffle? A lot for us multi boxed it to millions before it was nerfed and prices tanked. I probably invested a few hundred thousand in cloth which I’ve written off as a loss.

Pretty good. The last time we spoke, you were flipping on around 35 realms, has that number changed?

We’ve actually added on a few more realms during my streams so the number is probably closer to or over 40 now.

Flipping on Multiple Realms

So to give people an idea of how you make your gold, could you explain it to the readers in a few words?

I do a bit of everything, but it’s mostly from flipping and professions right now. Flipping is just a matter of buying items which you think are undervalued on the auction house, then reselling it at a higher price. Professions gold making is about sourcing your materials cheaply and doing various shuffles to profit from selling the end product.

But why on 40 different realms?

There’s a finite number of viable flips on each realm. If you’re after the best deals, then naturally you want to be on as many as possible in case those deals pop up.

“more realms should generally mean more sales”

Like spreading the income?

Yes, identically, being spread out on more realms should generally mean more sales and income. Once you’ve saturated one realm’s market, moving elsewhere allows you to sell to more buyers.

How do you start on a new realm? Don’t you need to have some starting gold right?

That question comes up quite a bit. Generally, the easiest method to get starting gold is crating and selling pets since the auction house deposit and listing fees are so low. An allied race starts with starter gold too. There are also other methods such as the guild tabard trick or the big bag of booty from pirate’s day which you can actually use to move gold to another realm.

How do you pick a realm to start on?

A lot of people look at realm pop websites, but that doesn’t matter too much to me. These days I’m picking arbitrarily.

Can anyone start doing this and do you have any starting advice for people that want to do this kind of gold making?

Certainly. It takes a bit to set up and get going, but it’s not difficult. One of my newest realms is Emerald Dream. We did all of the setup, mailboxes, and flipping on stream. It took only about a week (listing auctions only once) and a couple of pet sales to get our first 20.000 liquid gold. That probably would’ve been enough to start flipping with, but I waited a few weeks to build up capital to 40.000 – 50.000 gold, and then we got into flipping. We’ve been here about three months now and we’ve been able to grow to 132.000 liquid gold and 2.4 million item value.

“look for smaller nominal value flips to start”

Anything you would recommend not to flip until you have some capital?

I would look for smaller nominal value flips to start so you aren’t investing a huge portion or all of your capital in one item. There might be a few exceptions, but it’s very rare. Your bankroll is a huge consideration at the start so picking and choosing your flips is much more important.

Plans for Shadowlands

Have you played the Shadowlands beta?

A little bit, but I’ve only been on it twice.

What did you do those 2 times?

First time I just copied over bankers to see if there were any big changes to items. The second time was to check out professions.

Any plans for the first day of Shadowlands?

I haven’t come up with a game plan in-game yet, but I do intend to stream for at least 24 hours and focus on gold making activities. Gathering is usually very solid for the first day or two, but I generally dislike farming. I may focus on leveling and working on rep for key recipes to start, but I need to look more closely at beta closer to release, if and when they give us a date. If the raid is two weeks after release like they originally announced, then a lot of people are going to be rushing to level cap and all professions should be very good. Who knows if that will be the case since the game has been delayed.

What’s your prediction as to the release date of Shadowlands?

Maybe before Thanksgiving or the first two weeks in December? I imagine if it’s a November release, they would’ve announced it by now. It’s hard to imagine Blizzard not trying to push it out before Thanksgiving to capitalize on Black Friday shoppers, but maybe they learned their lesson with Warcraft 3 Reforged and will actually release when it’s ready, not as a cash grab.

Well, sooner or later we will know the answer. Hikons thank you for doing this second interview and giving us some inside info about multiple realm flipping.

Thanks again for having me back!