Dipping With Ellelaith

A flipper in the make. While she is farming, she is also learning how to get in the flipping business. Check out the interview I did with Ellelaith and learn how she is doing her gold making.


Dipping With Ellelaith

A flipper in the make. While she is farming, she is also learning how to get in the flipping business. Check out the interview I did with Ellelaith and learn how she is doing her gold making.


Ellelaith, great to have you here. How is it going?

Hi Jack, thank you for having me. I am doing well, how are you?

Busy but alive. Let’s start with the name. Is there a story behind the name Ellelaith or is it your own name?

Ellelaith is my main toons name on World of Warcraft. She is a Beast Mastery Hunter and back before I streamed, I just used Twitch for my addons in the game and never changed it. So no, it’s not my real name.

How did you come up with that name?

It actually was a name I found on a fantasy name generator page of all places! I wasn’t finding anything on the World of Warcraft random name generator that I liked so I started looking elsewhere. Names are hard for me in World of Warcraft, lol.

Are your alts also named by that generator?

No, they aren’t. I just name them around my main name so most of them have the name Ellie or Elle in there somewhere. I also have some alts that aren’t named with Elle or Ellie and they are just names I made up. I find it helpful that people can relate to me and see an Elle or Ellie in-game and think it might be me. It might be, who knows.

Smart. Tell us something about your World of Warcraft adventures. How long have you been playing and how did you discover World of Warcraft?

I have been playing World of Warcraft since the game was released. It’s an interesting story of how I found World of Warcraft but it was from friends. Back in 2005 I had started playing The Sims and my computer was starting to die and I needed to replace a part to keep playing/using my PC. My best friend’s partner was in IT and offered to look at my PC. So I brought my PC over to his house that night and he asked me what I was using the PC for. Told him I was playing The Sims and he was like oh no, he giggled, and he said, we need to get you into something else. Ever played an MMORPG? I looked at him confused and said no. 

I grew up playing console games, starting with Atari all the way up to Xbox at the end of 2009. So back to the story, he told me he had a few beta keys for a new MMORPG called World of Warcraft and this was back in 2006. He gave me a key, we played beta together with a few of his friends and my best friend, and I have been playing this game ever since.

Did you ever take a break from the game?

The only time I ever really took a long break from the game was probably right before Mist of Pandaria. I might’ve taken about a month off and then came back and got caught up in the game during Mist of Pandaria.
I also took some time off and played very casually and not as often during my time in college getting my Masters Degree. That was 3 years of online distance learning along with my full-time day job. That was about 2 years ago now and I graduated in Jan 2018 with my MBA. Up until this time I was an active raider since vanilla through legion and stopped doing raids nights after that.

Well, good choice I say. So you ready for Shadowlands?

I think I am ready for a change in the game and new content for sure. I am not one of those people that prepare for expansions and never have. I love going in with a blind eye so to speak, enjoy the new content, and have fun finding new things along the way.

Gold Making

First day of Ellelaith in Shadowlands, what is she gonna do?

Sit in pending queues? No, I joke, I joke. I mean do we know how it’s going to be on day one? Honestly, I will log in and start leveling. I would be lying if I say I won’t be doing any gold making because I have that in my brain now. So I plan on questing some, doing some gold making, and scouting out any new farms I can find as well.

I am a person that enjoys taking my time, enjoying new content, and I am one to level the slowest than my raiding friends. But I am sure I will be bouncing back and forth with gold making between new and old content. I have WoW tokens to pay for!

Like what kind of gold making are we talking about?

I mainly gather and really enjoy going out in the world to farm materials to post on the auction house. It’s calming for me after a long day at the office. I can watch my other friends who are streaming or watch a good show and just do some mining, fishing, skinning, get some transmog, or go farm up a pet. I also have my main and alt set up with Halfhill and Garrison dailies and make sure to do any daily transmutes or cooldowns that I need to do.

I don’t consider myself boxed into just those that I mentioned above. I am always open-minded and on the hunt for new gold making farms. That’s one thing I love about streaming, I share with the community farms I enjoy, they tell me farms they like to do, and we help each other out in making gold. It’s fun. There are so many different ways to make gold and that’s what I really like about it in the game.

Maybe tell us how rich you are at this moment?

This should help.  Accountant Classic 

Nice! From what addon is that?

That is from Accountant Classic, my community actually told me about the addon because I was manually tracking it on a spreadsheet. It’s a lifesaver!
I went and downloaded it and never looked back!

“I am currently working on learning how to flip”

What is gonna be your gold making goal in Shadowlands and are you gonna try any other kinds of gold making?

My goal in shadowlands will be similar to how I went about gold making in BFA which was my first real no raiding and making gold in an expansion. I kept an eye out for new farms as I leveled and checked out mobs for what they dropped, etc. I am currently working on learning how to flip and also working on leveling crafting professions. When I raided I had alchemy and herbalism but didn’t do much else, so it’s exciting to have something like that now to expand on. I will still be gathering as we head into the expansion and will continue to make progress on leveling my professions.

I started gold making in December 2018

How is the flipping going so far?

Haha, flipping is going pretty slow because I am still learning and watching others. I started gold making in December 2018 so my eyes have really been opened watching so many other people do it, especially on Twitch. I’m not that great but small strides. I know the market on my server but learning those small flips on other realms I’m not as active on. Let’s just say, it’s still a work in progress and nothing to write home about yet.

Well, I hope you will make a video about that journey.

3 Answers

Farmed Items:

  • Arcane Crystals, been mining 20 a day because they are selling well for me. Been doing transmutes to bars and just selling the crystals as is every other day.
  • Mithril ore, been dual gathering in Felwood with my baby high mountain druid and been getting a lot of this and smelting to bars to sell lately.
  • Wildvine, the nice bonus item that comes from the dual gathering on the baby high mountain druid in Felwood while picking those flowers!




Gold Makers:



  • Burning Crusade
  • Mists of Pandaria
  • Legion


I know you have a Twitch and a YouTube channel. What kind of gold making video’s can we find on your YouTube?

The Youtube channel is something I started about 2 months ago and I want it to be an extension of my Twitch Streams. I want it to be a point of reference for those in my community to find farms I like to do and I share guides on those farms there. I am still in process of getting more videos up over time to share more of the farms I enjoy doing to make my gold. It might also help those who don’t watch Twitch but want to find a casual way to make some gold in the game and maybe just maybe, they might come to hang out with us on Twitch if they chose to do so. My videos are just there to show others what I like to do and maybe it will help someone.

O that is good, not everyone can plan the time to watch a streamer when he/she is online.

Exactly, and even though some of the content I may cover might be done by someone else on the platform, it will show how I go about it and like to do it.

Anywhere else we can find your gold making content?

The only places for gold making content are Twitch and YouTube. I do share at times my photos and gold making happens on Twitter.

Great! Do you have anything to add to this interview or say to the readers?

The only thing I would say is to be yourself, have fun playing the game as you do, and don’t let anyone stop you from doing so! In all my time, I have learned that even though I may not do something the exact way that others may do it, I am okay with that. It’s what makes me me and at the end of the day, I am having fun. That’s all that matters because if you aren’t having fun, why do it? Just enjoy the game and all the fun it offers, whether that’s content or gold making.

Exactly! I’m glad we could finally do this interview Ellelaith and thank you for your time.

Thanks again Jack for having me, my pleasure.