Dipping With BilisOnyxia

BilisOnyxia is a well known person in the gold making community. He's all about the numbers and makes insane TSM strings. This is a interview with the one and only BilisOnyxia.



Thank you for doing this interview. How did you come up with the name BilisOnyxia?

I wasn’t all that creative when it came to names. I had a druid named “Bilis” which (according to google) is old latin for “Wrath”, which seemed appropriate. Onyxia was the name of a realm I played on, so I simply added that to my character name. Creative, I know.

And is that character still in-game?

I’m not sure. It’s not a character I actively play anymore, that much I know.

So when did you start playing World of Warcraft?

I started playing World of Warcraft during Vanilla (2005), a couple of months after the game had been released in Europe. Time flies!

It does indeed.

Gold Making

When did you start gold making and what made you do it?

I’ve always been interested in the economic side of things. Back in Classic, I used to bid on auctions that were about to expire just before the servers went down for the weekly maintenance. Back then, auctions weren’t paused during the maintenance, so you’d automatically win any short or medium duration auction if you were the highest bidder when the servers went down. But I think I started to focus more on gold making than other aspects of the game at some point during Wraft of the Lich King.

That’s an excellent idea. How did you come up with the idea to bid before server shutdowns?

“take advantage of their low bid prices”

I can’t quite remember what exactly sparked the idea – after all, it has been 15 years. But I think I’ve always been trying to get some good deals on items by bidding on them. Chances are one day after the maintenance I noticed that I won more bids than usual and then I put one and one together. Back then – and this is also true for the current WoW Classic game – the default auction house UI sorted auctions based on the total bid price of the auction. By offering your auctions with a 1 copper bid, your auction will appear first when people search for the item, even if your buyout price is not the cheapest by a long shot. This system caused a lot of people to offer their auctions with a low bid to trick others into buying them. But it also invited people like me to take advantage of their low bid prices to get some great deals if they forgot to cancel their auctions in time.

You also make gold in Classic now?

I’ve not been very active in Classic lately, but I also make gold there, yes. I mostly just flip materials and commodities in convenient stack sizes. You might be surprised by how many people will pay a higher per-unit price just to get the quantity they want. I quite miss this about Classic. In retail, you cannot do this anymore. Last time I checked I was sitting on roughly 10,000g liquid in Classic.

Reading that, really starts me to miss the old auction house system again. How is the new auction house system treating you and would you make any changes?

The new auction house is starting to grow on me. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit of the new AH is that it is much easier to use and more powerful. It’s a big improvement for the majority of the player base who does not mainly focus on gold making and might not even have any AH addon at all. Some searches can be faster and it is much easier and faster to buy or sell large quantities of commodities. On the flip side, sniper does not work too well anymore and you cannot charge a premium for convenient stack sizes anymore. Cancels getting throttled is a bit annoying as well, but I understand why it had to be done. If there was one thing I could change, I’d revert the change that prevents us from “queuing” up actions. With the old auction house, you can run a post-scan and then spam the Post button a hundred times in 1 second and then wait 100 seconds while your auctions get posted. With the new auction house, you need to wait for each action to be completed. So you click Post, wait, click Post, wait, etc. Overall it’s probably just as fast, but it’s annoying.

I get your point. Talking about current stuff, I saw you got last week your second Brutosaur on the NA region. Congrats! What kind of gold making do you mainly do?

“I also quite enjoy flipping battle pets”

Thank you! It’s actually my first Brutosaur on NA, but my third in total. I already had two on my EU accounts. In the past, I’ve mostly been flipping commodities (materials and consumables) and transmog items, but somewhat recently over the past couple of months, I’ve started to get back into crafting. I’m really enjoying the silly profit margins you can get on both old content commodities and crafted items. Selling something that only costs you a couple of gold to craft for thousands of gold is amazing! I also quite enjoy flipping battle pets across about 30 NA and 30 EU servers on separate accounts. This is also what actually allowed me to pay for the mount on NA – I moved a lot of my battle pets from dozens of realms all onto one single realm and posted them at a discount. Even though I technically lost some gold on these cheap pet sales, this allowed me to pool my gold on one realm to get the mount. So I consider this a success!

Can you give us a rough estimate of how much liquid gold you have in total?

Funnily enough, I genuinely don’t know. But it’s probably a lot less than people might think. If I had to make a guess I’d say it’s somewhere in the 20-30 million gold range in terms of liquid, spread across quite a few accounts and realms. A large amount of my gold I made over the years is invested in battle pets. I might have more than that on accounts that are long forgotten. I tend to have way too many active accounts, so monthly wow tokens eat up a good chunk of the gold I make – and buying thousands of hearthstone packs and Overwatch loot-boxes does not help with my liquid gold either.

3 Answers


  1. TradeSkillMaster No surprise there, it’s easily the best addon for gold making or WoW in general. If it wasn’t for TSM I would have quit WoW years ago.
  2. AllTheThings Super helpful to know where an item comes from.
  3. Ackis Recipe List 


  1. Wowhead
  2. The Undermine Journal (retail) or Booty Bay Gazette for (classic).
  3. Twitch

Gold makers;

  1. Sheyrah Not really active in WoW anymore, but still the first name that comes to mind.
  2. Hikons
  3. Senza (Senzagames)


  1. Vial of the Sands
  2. Shirts
  3. Savage Blood and Felblight (technically not 3, but…)


And last but not least! You have a Patreon and a Twitter. What can people find on your Patreon?

People who support me on Patreon get access to my my fairly comprehensive profiles, both for Classic and retail WoW. My Classic profiles focus on flipping materials and consumables in neat stacks, but also help you flip other items. My retail profile (which I updated again Today) covers both flipping and crafting (all professions, both old content and current content). You just need to run shopping scans, restock crafted items and run post scans. The profile does the rest for you! I also plan on updating my profile for Shadowlands – but I still don’t have beta access, which makes things a bit harder.

Bilis, I want to thank you for your time and effort for this interview.

Thanks for having me!