Dipping With BilisOnyxia in Shadowlands

We are back with a guest we had before, BilisOnyxia. We will be talking about upcoming gold making markets in Shadowlands and some milling data. So have a read and enjoy!


BilisOnyxia, thank you for coming back to do another interview again. How is it going in World of Warcraft and what have you been up to so far?

Glad to be back! I haven’t been particularly active when it comes to gold making recently, I’ve mostly been preparing for Shadowlands by leveling some alts and their professions and by updating my TradeSkillMaster profiles.


Oh great! Are the profiles finished?

Pretty much, yes. My retail all-in-one profile that I share with my Patreon supporters is currently being tested by a small handful of people and will be released to my patrons this coming Saturday, although this profile and profiles that are based on TradeSkillMaster pricing data in general likely won’t work too well during the early days of the launch. That’s why I also plan on setting up a super basic profile with fixed gold prices that I can adjust for my realm on the fly while pricing data is still all over the place in the first couple of days after the launch.

You mean because of the changing prices of the new content?

Yes. Not only will prices be rapidly changing early on (they usually start really high and then fairly quickly drop quite a bit over the first few days or even hours), but the pricing data also simply has fewer data points. The Market Value TradeSkillMaster uses, for example, is based on pricing data of the past 14 days, but for new items, there will only be very limited data available early on. So I wouldn’t really trust any pricing data for at least a little while.

I myself am gone work with fixed gold prices the first few days and after 2 weeks I will be deleting my TradeSkillMaster data. Do you have any kind of plans or tips you like to share?

I don’t really have a specific time frame for when I will start to more heavily rely on pricing data, but I probably won’t quite wait a full two weeks. Once prices start to settle and pricing data catches up, using pricing data will make things quite a bit easier. Just be sure to keep in mind that some of the data won’t yet be quite as reliable. But as long as you pay some attention to prices instead of blindly trusting them, you should be good to go. I don’t really have any plans on deleting my accounting data, but I’d highly recommend making use of TradeSkillMaster’s SmartAvgBuy source and not just using the regular AvgBuy source. SmartAvgBuy only considers the prices you paid for the items you currently still own, so old purchases you made on day one won’t skew your averages.

You mean that for flippers and crafters to use the SmartAvgBuy?

SmartAvgBuy doesn’t work quite as well for crafting as you consuming the materials you bought will change your SmartAvgBuy data for those materials, as it changes the quantities that you currently own. I might just use fixed gold prices for my material prices for a little while. But for flipping SmartAvgBuy is fantastic.

Got ya.

 The clock hits 00:00 (Paris time), Shadowlands gets released. What’s the first thing you are going to do BilisOnyxia?

Knowing myself and looking back at past expansion launches, the only thing I know for sure is that I have a plan on what I want to do and that I will most certainly end up doing things differently anyway. Expansion launches can be a bit hectic and chaotic, although I’ll try not to take things too seriously this time around. My current plan is to get my main, a feral druid and Inscription/Jewelcrafter, through the intro and to Oribos so I can start working on some professions. I’d like to mainly focus on getting started with the new Darkmoon trinkets scribes can craft, but my priorities might change depending on how many materials are available on the auction house early on and at what prices.

I also plan on using my second account to run sniper with some very small basic groups to snipe for new materials that get posted below certain fixed gold thresholds. Over time I’ll then slowly actually level my main and get all my alts to Oribos so I can start leveling my other professions as well. But that’s probably not all going to happen on day one.

Also, and this might be a good idea for others as well: I’ll also keep an eye on the WoW Economy Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. Not only is it fun and exciting to be part of the community during the launch of a new expansion, but you can also see what kind of things others are doing and what is working well for them, so you might be able to replicate things on your realm.

I’m eager to see those sniper results. The thing that keeps me thinking about is how active the auction house will now get with the new auction house system. I really thinking of a repost fiesta on a lot of realms. What do you think?

I think it will largely depend on your realm and the markets that you are in. The vast majority of players will be busy leveling and not all that many people have a second account or would bother playing the auction house on day one, even if they had a second account. Some markets will be very competitive early on with lots of undercutting and canceling, especially markets like farmed materials as people aren’t just competing with auction house players but also with thousands of players trying to sell the materials they gather while leveling. But there will also be more niche markets and markets with a higher barrier of entry that won’t see all that much competition, at least very early on. But I am really looking forward to a more active auction house, with all its benefits and drawbacks.

Any kind of market you are looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to the Darkmoon decks. They have quite a high barrier of entry as you need to craft quite a few random cards until you can complete your first full deck at least without trading cards. In the past this allowed you to charge a nice premium for the full deck because there was little competition early on. I don’t think the Shadowlands decks are quite as good as the Battle for Azeroth ones were at the time, so things might be a bit different this time around. But I am honestly most excited for the auction house to be more active again in general. More items to craft and flip, more people who are actually buying things. The early weeks of a new expansion are always exciting!

Good to hear so. What about older content? What do you think will be doing good in Shadowlands?

There will always be a steady demand for a lot of old content items like transmog and consumables etc. I doubt that’s going to change. I would assume that the demand for the Sky Golem might go up quite a bit as farming becomes much more lucrative (especially now that Blizzard decided to no longer allow the use of multi-boxing software), as the Sky Golem allows the player to gather herbs without being dismounted. Another market that I assume will be doing quite well is the Deep Sea Bag. There will be new cheaper and bigger bags in Shadowlands, but people shouldn’t forget that people are creatures of habit. People have learned to search for deep sea bags when they need big and cheap bags for their alts for like two years now. A lot of people will continue to buy deep sea bags even if there are bigger and cheaper Shadowlands bags available.

Ok, clear.

I assume you have done some milling, prospecting, and disenchanting in Shadowlands beta? Anything you can share about the data or where we can find it?

I did quite a bit of testing a little while ago, but Blizzard changed some rates afterward, so I am not quite sure if my data still matches the actual rates. I made a post on Reddit where I shared disenchanting data from disenchanting 25,000 items here. I don’t really have enough recent data for milling and prospecting yet, unfortunately, so don’t take these numbers as a fact, but milling seems to be quite interesting based on the limited data I have. In Shadowlands there are 6 different herbs. One uncommon quality herb Nightshade and one common quality herb Death Blossom that can both be found in all zones, plus 4 common herbs named Marrowroot, Rising Glory, Vigil’s Torch, and Widowbloom that can each only be found in one of the four new zones.

There are three different pigments; Tranquil Pigment (uncommon) and Luminous Pigment and Umbral Pigment (both common). For all 5 common herbs, you seem to get roughly 0.01 Tranquil Pigment plus a combined total of 0.3 Luminous Pigment and Umbral Pigments but in varying distributions. Death Blossom will give you 0.15 of each of the two common pigments, Marrowroot and Widowbloom will give you just 0.1 Luminous but 0.2 Umbral Pigment, and Rising Glory and Vigil’s Torch will give you 0.2 Luminous and only 0.1 Umbral.
This is quite interesting to me as this allows players to better control which pigments they want to get.

Thank you for that. Last question what are your thoughts on the legendries we can craft? Is it even doable for the casual player?

I guess that depends on the player. I am sure it is doable, but it’s not necessarily something most casual players would want to invest a lot of time, effort, and gold in. I’m not 100% up to speed when it comes to all the recent changes though, but as I understand it the legendary system is meant to give people who want to focus more heavily on professions some path of progression they can work on. Considering that none of the crafted base items are bind on pickup it isn’t something people need to do themselves. I for one like that there will be more and less accessible parts of the professions and that the accessibility is not necessarily based on reputation grinds or PvE content.

BilisOnyxia, do you have a thing to add or info you want to share about upcoming Shadowlands?

I’m just really excited about all the new content, both in terms of the auction house and gold making related things, but also all the other content in general. New zones to explore, new abilities to play around with, some casual PvP without Azerite traits and corruptions (good riddance!), etc., and even PvE content that I don’t plan on participating in, but that I know a lot of other players will enjoy greatly. A new expansion is always exciting.
I hope everyone will have a lot of fun and after a year like 2020, we all deserve it.

I totally agree with you on that. I want to thank you again for your time and effort. Hopefully, you will return for another interview soon BilisOnyxia.

It’s been my pleasure. Enjoy the Shadowlands launch and the holidays and stay safe!

You too!

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