Dipping With Arnota

Arnota is a well known gold maker in the gold making community who spends a lot of time doing multi-box farms. Now that Blizzard changed the policy on 3rd party programs, Arnota has to find new gold making ways.


Arnota, welcome, and thank you for joining me for this interview.

Heya! Thanks for having me, Jack!

The name, Arnota, tell us something about it.

Well, I kind of made it up when I was 15 or so and have used it for gaming ever since.

There is no story behind it?

Not a really cool one, just heard it in a dream and thought it sounded cool. Years later found out that it’s the name of a monastery somewhere in Romania.

Well, it does sound cool! What was the first game you start using the name Arnota?

Thanks, I am not even sure at this point. It has been so long since I started using it. One of the first was phantasy star online as well as other online games.

And when did you start playing World of Warcraft?

The very end of Wrath of the Lich King early October-November 2010 I think. I remember it was about a week before the pre-patch events that changed the world. I remember the first time going through barrens then the next week it all changed.

What did you do in the game?

At first, just leveling. I joined because of my brother and some friends that played and they all wanted me to try out the game. I had done pretty hardcore gold making in other games and they insisted this game was much harder to make gold. But for the first month, I just tried out toons and got used to different classes. I enjoyed mage enough to make it my main, a blood elf mage. I did some research for the upcoming expansion and watched the Blizzcon virtual ticket that year as well.

Gold Making

Has gold making or any other kind of game currency been a drive for you to start a game?

Not really to start a game. When it comes to games online, in-game currency gives you options. I have always liked to have options and to find creative ways to spend my time. I love to strategize and make plans for the future. I am a very goal-oriented person so I always have some bigger goal in mind.

“I was able to purchase my Vials of the Sands in week one”

How did you start with gold making in World of Warcraft?

I set off my journey with 50g and some bags. Did some research for the expansion and before I was even level 80 to do Cataclysm leveling, I was able to purchase my Vials of the Sands in week one. I also was able to make roughly 450k before getting to level 85.

But, how did you make that gold? By the way, pretty impressive buying a Vial of the Sands that fast in an expansion like that.

Well, the research I did, did indicate to me that due to being on a low/medium populated realm that the points of limit for leveling professions would be volatiles. Volatile fire in particular would be the most difficult due to a few mobs at the time dropped it and the number one way to get it was fishing. Which was able to be done without max level and could be done easily if you did not mind sitting in a spot fishing for 10-15 hours a day. I was not level cap so I found a way to take advantage of materials in a way that suited me. I was used to grinding long hours as most MMO’s I played before had horrible grinds to level.

So farming has always been your main thing as in gold making in World of Warcraft?

Kinda, mostly it is materials if I am farming. I also recognize that alt armies are important as well when dealing with crafting. I do have an extensive amount of alts with a few hundred max level toons. Almost everything in as my gold making to some extent. Part of being a gold making content creator means finding out information to help other people. Being familiar with most ways of gold making helps me to help others improve and educate themselves.

Talking about alt armies, you were known as a multi-boxer before. How did you learn about multi-boxing?

I started like most people I think. Just a second account for posting auctions while farming. Then as time progressed I was at the toon cap for the realm, which was 10 at the time, on my first account. So I decided to level up toons on account 2, and just progressed from there. Eventually, those caps were changed or eliminated. My main realm has almost 300 max level crafting toons.

Why do you need so many characters? It seems you did just fine with one toon getting enough gold for the Vial of the Sand in just one week.

The options and strategies. I love to plan and organize and test the bounds of possibility. I believe that if you’re not trying to improve or innovate your process you’re missing out. There are so many possibilities to do in this game, why not be prepared? I also have a few hundred other toons scattered throughout most high pop realms in the NA region. I understood that even though it seemed unlikely there was always a chance Blizzard could change how multi-boxing worked. The toons are an insurance plan that has apparently paid off with recent events. You never know how the future will turn out, you can just plan and hope things work out for you.

stop the stream of boxers that were abusing boxing for their personal real-life advantage

Yeah, Blizzard just announced in their new policy that it’s not allowed anymore to use 3rd party software that can make 2 or more characters move by one controller like a keyboard or mouse. Can you tell a bad and a good thing this change will have?

This will be beneficial in some ways by helping to stop the stream of boxers that were abusing boxing for their personal real-life advantage. Often I had people ask me directly about boxing for a real money trading type of action. I was extremely opposed to those types of boxers doing this type of gameplay. It may also help make people feel better right now about the future of this game. It’s good to point out that blizzard has not had a good record of dealing with bots. It has always been a problem in the game and I doubt that this will actually change anything. The phrase “tyranny of the majority” really applies well here I think. It’s great when you’re on the benefiting side of things, but when you’re on the oppressed side things often feel overwhelming. As someone that has personally experienced state-sanctioned oppression in real life for a significant portion of my life, I can tell you it’s not fun. A lot of people are happy with these changes but I am more reserved. I will wait and see if this actually helps people or just ends up making people more reliant on systems like the wow token. I hope it does help in getting rid of the bots but I am not sure if it will.

Getting rid of the bots will be the next step, but how about you? What are your gold making strategy plans for Shadowlands?

I am going to do what I always do at the start of an expansion. Duel gather. I enjoy farming while chilling and chatting with people. Something about it just feels enjoyable and relaxing. Maybe I will use some of those resources to eventually level my own professions. 40 days ago I started a challenge to prove to people that you can still make gold without multi-boxing. I started from nothing except a heroic Shadowlands. In that time I have accumulated almost 1.2mil in stock mostly materials and 300k in liquid gold. I have also gotten almost 26 toons leveled to 50 already.

I like that idea Arnota.

3 Answers




  • Blood Elf is my main.
  • Void Elf looks cool.
  • Night Elf, cause of farming, and shadowmeld.


Gold Makers:

Those are the first three that came to my mind, they are friends that I hang out with almost daily. But so many others I consider a friend. The gold making community has a lot of great people with lots of experience which is a valued resource for new and continuing goblins.



Arnota, where can we find you?

Well, I do my daily gold grind on Twitch and my Twitter. Those are generally the best ways to get ahold of me. I do spend some time in many discords and hanging out on twitch watching other gold makers throughout the day.

Good to know! Do you have anything to add to this interview or to say to the readers?

Thanks for having me here to answer some questions. I hope that people will continue to improve and work on their own gold making goals and if they ever have questions they feel free to ask myself any of the gold content creators for advice. The best advice I can give anyone is to learn your markets and what works best for you. Be happy and be good to each other. I know there are a lot of gold makers out there and generally, we get asked a lot of the same questions. Some of the answers we have are not always easy for people to hear, but now for most of us, we care about gold making and have probably at one point been in a similar situation. Our mistakes and struggles to get here have made us who we are and enriched our experience, and often we try to share that with others. I would greatly encourage people to seek out as many different types and styles of gold making as you are comfortable with.

That’s is indeed some great advice. Arnota, thank you for you’re time to do this interview with me.

You’re most welcome!