Buy Now, Sell In Shadowlands

Shadowlands is coming soon so it would be wise to invest now. People are dumping their stock in hopes to still get the Reins of the Might Caravan Brutosaur. This is the moment to buy.

Buy Now, Sell Later
Buy Now, Sell Later

Buy Now, Sell In Shadowlands

Shadowlands is coming soon so it would be wise to invest now. People are dumping their stock in hopes to still get the Reins of the Might Caravan Brutosaur. This is the moment to buy.

Shadowlands is Coming

We just got the pre-patch downloaded and that means that the pre-patch will start soon. That also means that this isn’t the best moment for most gold makers to earn gold. Some are still selling frequently with decent profits, but the prices and sales have dropped for most of us.

The most common reasons why the prices and the number of sales are dropping on most realms are;

  1. Every end of the expansion prices of the current content will drop.
  2. People are dumping their items in the hope to get the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur before it gets removed from the vendor and sent to the Black Market Auction House.
  3. Realms are getting linked.

All these things have an influence on each other and that makes the prices even go lower than it normally should be.

Now I could tell you to buy materials for the Relics of the Past or to craft the recreated older content gear to vendor shuffle, but that is what everyone is doing now. If you like to have some more info about that, then I highly recommend watching Samadan’s guide.

I want to focus on something that others aren’t focusing on right now and that is where I’m making my profit with. Dutch saying (again) “when the cat’s away from home, the mice dance on the table”.

Invest Now

This is the moment to invest in materials and items before they are going up in price again. There are a lot of items you can invest in at the moment, but you don’t want to have your guild bank(s) full of items and maybe run out of gold. If you’re gonna invest, then think a couple of steps ahead.

Example: Netherweave Bags have a very good chance to go up in value.

  1. The material is being bought more for the Relics of the Past. the more buyers, the higher the price.
  2. More new players are expected and they need some simple cheap bags for leveling.

Another example is the Sky Golem.

  1. They are being sold a lot now for very low prices so that people can get the gold for their Brutosaur.
  2. The people that won’t have enough time and gold to buy the Brutosaur can become potential buyers for other valuable items, because they have gold to spend.
  3. More new gold makers and most of them are farmers and can use a Sky golem to make the job easier. Not everyone knows or wants to play a Druid to farm with.

For more info about the Sky Golems in Shadowlands. Have a look at this post.

Here below you can see 2 images with recommended items to buy before the pre-patch comes. However, there is a big chance that Saronite Ore, Saronite Bar, Titanium Ore, Titanium Bar, and the Titansteel Bar will stay low until Shadowlands releases. Because the pre-patch will take place in Icecrown, there is a higher chance people will farm more than normal for the ore. By mining this ore, you will also have a chance to get Crystallized Fire, Crystallized Shadow that you can turn into Eternal Fire and Eternal Shadow. You want to buy the Crystallized for max 6 gold and the Eternals for max 60 gold, and sell above those prices.

If you scroll down you can see 2 TSM import strings with all the items and if you don’t use TradeskillMaster, then you will have to manually look them up and see if the prices are decent on The Undermine Journal.

To make the image larger, click on them.

Sell in Shadowlands

Most of the items you want to start selling the moment Shadowlands releases, but be patient. The majority will be focusing on new content and so should you. This will be a nice extra income while you make you gold with the new materials. Just give it time and don’t get hopeless by lowering the prices. The price won’t be the reason why people won’t buy it, but they have shifted their interest. Give it time to shift back and also start trying to sell on Trade Chat.

I have 2 images and 2 TSM Strings for you. The first one is mainly intended for selling in Shadowlands, but there may be some items that will also sell in pre-patch like the bags. Just keep checking the prices and who knows, maybe you have sold half your stock in the pre-patch. The second image there are items that will get interesting when people start getting the new gear in pre-patch and they want to gem or enchant them.

Also, there is a chance that in the first 2 weeks of Shadowlands these enchants will still be selling for a good price. Not everyone wants to put down high amounts of gold for their rare gear.

TSM String

Here you can find 2 TSM strings for buying now and selling later in Shadowlands (Pre-Patch). Both strings are included with buying and selling operations. Please check them if they work for your realm.

Hit the copy button and import them into your TSM addon, but keep in mind that some of these items may already be in your exciting groups. If you don’t want to move them, disable that during the importing options.

Buy Now, Sell In Shadowlands

Buy Now, Sell in Shadowlands (Pre-Patch)

My thanks to BilisOnyxia for helping with the shopping operations.


It’s always hard to tell what will be good to stock on and what will be profitable. We now have to do with 2 new factors like the new Auction House system and the linking of realms. This may make it all less profitable or less easy to sell. Let me give you the last piece of advice. Don’t use all your gold to invest in the items I recommend on the list. You may want to hold on to some gold to buy the new materials or items in Shadowlands.