Is Botting in World of Warcraft Coming to an End?

What is Going On?

Today, Zanzarful and I heard some great news from our botter. The two major public botting software brands named Wowadvance and WoW Minibot have been taken offline by request from Blizzard.

The two most used public botting software out there have been closed down. It has to do with the fact that Blizzard has been banning any 3rd party software it can detect over the last few days. With the latest Blizzard multi-box changes that made all forms of command mirroring against EULA. It seems they did this to ban botters on a bigger scale more easily. This way, they can now detect unlockers and find the botter accounts.

An unlocker is a software that will provide the botter with access to Blizzard’s protected functions and extend the functionality in LUA software, like making the bot move.

These actions made many botters thrown their towel in the ring and will not be botting anymore. In some cases, they lost all their accounts. Some botters are now dumping their stock on the auction house for one last big sale before they leave the botting scene for good.

Keep in mind that this won’t solve the botting problem completely. The public botting software is what the majority is using, but that has now been shut down. However, private bots are still out there and will still need to be reported.

Some Non-botters Got a Ban as Well

Sadly because of the recent EULA changes, this also hit non-botters. People that play with á controller or with a disability need a tool to play to enjoy the game were banned as well. I assume Blizzard will look into this and make the necessary changes so those people can enjoy the game again.

According to sources, this problem got solved, and the people that got banned unfairly will/are unbanned.

Owners of the Public Botting Software Knew What Was Coming

According to our source, the botting software owners knew from mid-April that this would happen sooner or later because the unlockers were detected. But, unfortunately, they did not let the community know about this, so the botters kept paying for the software. Now the people that paid for it won’t receive their money back.

What’s Going to Happen Now?

If most botters give up, this could mean the prices of materials and items should be rising in the upcoming month(s). Some botters are now dumping their last stock for a very low price so they can get out in time before something happens with their account(s).

We should see a lower amount, especially before Shadowlands 9.1 gets released. I recommend starting watching The Undermine Journal closely item and material dumps and make use of it for later.

Effect on the Token Price

We may see a gold price increase of the token price now that most botters are cashing their gold before losing it all. However, when the dust has settled, we should see a lower wow token price.

You can find more info on botting here on The Auction House Podcast where we recently interviewed our source.

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