The Auction House Podcast | TBC Gold Making With Studen Albatroz

The Auction House Podcast With Studen Albatroz

TBC Gold Making With Studen Albatroz

Just a few more days till The Burning Crusade classic comes out, so it’s a good moment to prepare, and that is why we invited Studen Albatroz back to the podcast. Subjects will be mostly TBC-related but also a retail part. What add-ons, what to farm during pre-patch and release, his TBC classic gold-making strategy book, and much more. Enjoy!

Next Week

In next week’s episode, my co-host Zanzarful will be replaced with Manthieus for an episode because Zanzarful has a couple of summer holiday’s. But we will be talking about the new 9.1 Shadowlands crafts we are getting, plus legendary talking.

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