The Auction House Podcast | Shadowlands 9.1 Crafting & Legendary Talk

The Auction House

Shadowlands 9.1 Crafting & Legendary Talk

The Burning Crusade classic just got released, the token prices went up, info on flying in Shadowlands 9.1, and Zanzarful went on scouting camp selling cookies to older men. Luckily I found myself a temporarily new co-host, and that is Manthieus. We are going to have a talk about crafting and legendaries that are coming in Shadowlands 91. Enjoy the show!

Next Week

In next week’s episode, my co-host Zanzarful will be back, and we have our next guest on the show, and that is Penguinr2gt. We are gonna talk with her about her gold making, her spreadsheets, Youtube, and of course Shadowlands 9.1 things.

Your Gold Making Question or Suggestion

Suppose you have a question for us or our guest we are having on our show. Don’t wait! Comment below, and maybe we will answer your question in our next podcast show.

Also, if you got a suggestion, let us know it in the comments below

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