The Auction House Podcast is Looking for an (ex)Botter

Yes, you are reading it right. The Auction House Podcast is looking for an (ex)botter. The botter will be fully anonymous. For more info, check out the link.

We Are Looking for an (ex)Botter

Looking for an (ex)Botter

First we Zanzarful and Jack the Dipper don’t agree or approve any kind of botting in the World of Warcraft. However, everything has a story and we want to hear yours. We want you on the podcast talking about;

  • How you started
  • Your gold making with botting
  • Farming and gathering (spots)
  • Software
  • Information on how and where
  • Solo and multiple bots
  • Banned?
  • Auction house posting
  • Addons used
  • The community

100% Anonymous

Your name as voice will be made 100% anonymous before, during, and after the show. Voice will be made unrecognizable.

Fill In If You Are an (ex)Botter

If you want to be on the show and talk with us and answer some questions about botting and how you started, why, the gold you made, and more.

Another recruitment is having a decent microfone (doesn’t have to be a studio mic, just decent sounding).

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