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There are a lot of handy gold making websites out there that can help, but which ones are there? We also have some banana and World of Warcraft game time changing news. Enjoy!

The Auction House Podcast Episode 12

Gold making websites can be such a great tool to make gold with in World of Warcraft. They can guide you on how to start to make gold and how to improve your gold making. We will cover websites that can be used as data a tool, a searching tool, a guide, or a blog. We also will be talking about the TCG pet Bananas that can now be claimed by any World of Warcraft player and the prepaid game time changes Blizzard recently made plus some other price changes. Hope you will enjoy another show of The Auction House.

Gold Making Websites

The Gold Making Websites

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Next week’s episode is gonna be about ‘How to Sell’. We gonna talk about the ways you can sell on the auction house trade chat, show you some handy tips and tricks. So if you any questions on that subject or other questions, just let us know.

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