The Auction House Podcast | Gold Making in Shadowlands with Samadan

We have Samadan as our guest on this podcast episode. We talk about professions and gold making in Shadowlands.

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 11

Don’t forget to follow and like/rate us, it can really help us get more recommend on platforms. In this episode, we have the well-known gold maker Samadan as our guest on our show. We talk about his gold making experience in Shadowlands, his content, and of course the professions. Other gold making topics in World of Warcraft like ‘Trial of Style’, the charity event ‘Doctors Without Borders’ where you can donate to get the TCG pet Bananas, and of course some interesting markets. Enjoy the show!

You can check out Zanzarful and Samadan

Gold Making in Shadowlands with Samadan

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