The Auction House Podcast Episode 9 | Gold Making With Manthieus

In Episode 9 we have Manthieus on our show talking about his content and the overall gold making mindset. Enjoy the show!

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 9

Gold making in World of Warcraft has a lot to do with how you think when it comes to gold making and that is why we have in episode 9 Manthieus on the show. Manthieus is a well know gold maker and content creator in the gold making community. He has his YouTube and can found often on Reddit. In this episode, we are gonna talk about how Manthieus started with gold making, his content creation, his new YouTube series called ‘Zero 2 Hero’, and his gold making in Shadowlands.

Definitely have seat because this show is gonna take gold making to another level. Enjoy!

Gold Making With Manthieus

Next Week

Next week’s episode is gonna be about consumable professions with the most common ones Alchemy and Cooking. We will also talk about some other consumables made by other professions.

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