The Auction House Podcast | Crafting Consumables in World of Warcraft

Crafting consumables is one of the best ways and long terms to make gold within World of Warcraft. In this 10th episode of The Auction House Podcast, we will be covering that and much more. Enjoy the show!

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 10

Yes, we hit the 2 digit number and over 1000 listens to our shows. Thank you all for keep listening and don’t forget to hit the follow and like the button to help us get recommendations for other listeners. In this 10th episode, we are gonna talk about consumables, the kind of consumables professions, and how you can make gold with them. We also talk about a new great website called Rogue Auctions and a new gold farming addon made by Lag and the GolGoblinNet called GoldGoblinLoot and you definitely want to hear about that.

You can also come and hang out at Zanzarful’s live stream.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Crafting Consumables in World of Warcraft

Next Week

In next week’s episode, we say too much about it yet but it will be a slammer I can tell you. We are gonna have a gold maker on our show again.

So……… Don’t forget to keep your eyes open next week.

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