The Auction House Podcast Episode 7 | Blizzcon & Gold Making Addons

Episode 7 of The Auction House Podcast is here, hosted by Jack the Dipper and Zanzarful. This episode is about Blizzcon and our favorite Gold Making Addons

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 7

We are a bit late than normal but that has to do with Blizzcon. In this 7th episode of The Auction House Podcast, we gonna talk about the World of Warcraft announcements, like The Burning Crusade Classic, Shadowlands 9.0.5 plus 9.1, and flying in Shadowlands.

The other topic is gold making addons. We are gonna talk about our favorite gold making addons in World of Warcraft. From TradeSkillMaster to The Undermine Journal and from LootAppraiser to the BuyEmAll addon. Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite platform and if you can give it a like. DO IT!!!

Enjoy the show!

Blizzcon & Gold Making Addons

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In next weeks episode, we are gonna talk about the gathering professions;

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