How to Make Gold in Shadowlands With Alchemy & Cooking

How to make gold in Shadowlands with alchemy and cooking is something you really don't want to miss out on.

How to Make Gold in Shadowlands With Alchemy & Cooking

Why Alchemy & Cooking For Gold Making

One of the great things about a new patch is the new raid that comes with it, and that means that the raiders will need oil, potions, flasks, food, and lots of it! With consumables like potions, flasks, and food, they are always needed and are never eternal. Every boss fight or death means new food, new potions, and that means more gold for us. It isn’t the case with legendaries, mounts, or transmog. Once bought means a buyer less on your realm.

It’s good to be prepared and know how to make good gold with these professions, and if you play it well, you could even make a token á day with this, but this does depend on your dedication and the realm you play on. Still, if you aren’t in the best realm or have enough time to invest in this, don’t leave it on the side.

How to Sell Alchemy & Cooking

A few things I would recommend for selling alchemy and cooking consumables is not to post too many stacks at the same time. The more stacks you post, the more you may have to cancel, and deposit costs can eat from the profits. Keep the stacks simple, like 20 unless you a certain you can sell more per post. Also, don’t cancel every time you post. I would advise you to keep on posting and don’t cancel them yet. There is always a chance you have a bigger buyer that will buy a lot in one purchase. Make sure you have more in your bags than you will actually post.

Cancel when you have posted several stacks and do the same thing over again. Canceling every time can make you miss out on opportunities, especially if you are on an active realm.

To take it to the next step, I recommend getting a second World of Warcraft account to optimize the sales while doing other things on your main account. To find out how to set up a second World of Warcraft account, go here.

Maximizing Profits

The challenge with selling alchemy and cooking is to get the most out of it and fast. A great strategy to play is to buy cheap and to sell as high as possible. The peaks of a new patch are the best moments for selling consumables.


Making a profit with alchemy and cooking professions starts with investing. The lower the price, the more profit you can generate, but you need to search for the lowest price. One of the ways is by using the addon TradeSkillMaster and using the sniper. Sniper will let you search the auction house every time for items in a group that has a sniper operation attached. With an aggressive buy price, you can scoop some nice deals from the auction house. There is a downside to it when you don’t have a second World of Warcraft account. You can’t do anything else when snipping unless you are doing something else on your pc.

Another way is finding out when your realm has the lowest material prices. Almost every realm has 1 or 2 days in a week where materials prices drop in price. On most realms, this happens on the weekend, but not all. To determine when your realm has lower materials prices, you need to go to The Undermine Journal and use the pricing heat map.

The image here below is the pricing heat map of Rising Glory on the realm you are looking at. The price you see here is an average price of 2 weeks, and it indicates when prices of the herb are lower on this realm, I am looking at. You see on the left the days of the week and at the top the time of the day. The darker a block is, the lower the price is. You only have to look at when a couple of these blocks are horizontal darker than the rest. It indicates that the in that part-time of a day the price is lower.

I highlighted the parts that you should check at the auction house. It does not mean I should be only buying these days at these times. It means that it should be cheaper on the other days and times.


There are a couple of things you can do to improve your sales and profit. For example, you may want to check the raid times on your realm and try to sell at least an hour before the majority starts raiding. The trick is to find patterns in price and quantity. In the image below, I connected the highlights when the quantity is low and the price is high.

A lower quantity could mean a couple of things like lesser competition or more buyers, resulting in higher sales prices of the consumables. It seems that selling the Potion of Spectral Intellect is better on Sundays, early Tuesday’s and late Saturdays. Again this does not mean you should only be selling at these moments in the week. Torghast, mythic dungeon runners, and pvp’érs will also need consumables.

Let TradeSkillMaster Decide When To Craft

Let the TradeSkillMaster addon decide when you need to craft. You can make it very easy by putting the Shadowlands oil’s, combat potions, large meals, flasks, and feasts in separate groups. Make a crafting operation with the amount you want and a minimum profit like a hardcoded gold price like 20g or a crafting percentage like 20%crafting and put them on the groups. The only thing you now have to do is open your profession, go to the group’s tab, and hit the restock button. At the bottom, and TradeSkillMaster will tell you what top craft. 

Keep In Mind

Be careful with over-crafting consumables you crafted yesterday and still have left, maybe selling a lose on another day. You will have to determine how fast you sell your consumables and how much you need to craft every day. Of course, it’s less of a challenge when you buy your materials cheaper on other days. Still, not everyone can buy cheaper materials at certain times of the day or week.

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